Even though I am a Telecommunications senior at the University of Florida, I only visit CMIR’s facilities every once in a while. I wish I could spend more time there though. I spend all my time in the new Innovation News Center. BUT, there’s no question that CMIR‘s facilities have definitely came in handy in the past.

For instance, as a student at UF, you know that the library during finals week is no where you wanna be. That’s why I am writing this post from the AHA! Co-Lab in Weimer.


With it’s modern look, this is one of UF’s better kept secrets. J-School majors are lucky to have this space to themselves. Not to mention the nice coffee machine, microwave, and private study rooms.

Another room that holds dear memories to me is the 21st Century News lab. The lab is down stairs. In this room I have taken pictures for news stories that made it online.

Photo on 2013-12-04 at 14.40 #2Photo on 2013-12-04 at 14.40

I also filmed many TV1 projects in that room.

These facilities make me proud to go to UF. I have such great opportunities here.


The Tipping Point

Wanna learn some cool things about trends?? You should definitely read this book!

In Malcom Gladwell’s The Tipping Point, Gladwell analyzes 3 main ideas and how they each contribute to the idea of trends. These ideas are the Law of Few, the Stickiness Factor, and the Power of Context. He uses these three rules of epidemics to draw patterns and predict trends.  For example, Snapchat. As you will learn, Snapchat had everything it needed to grow in this time. Lets look deeper into that idea.

Beginning with the Law of few, Gladwell explains another threesome; Connectors, Mavens, and Salesmen.

Connectors are simply that. People that are connected to other people. They are important because of their connections to large numbers of people. The greater amount of connections a connector has, the greater power law they have. So these would be your publicists, you public information officers, your celebrities, and even advertisers. They are the people that make a good idea soar. Because it wouldn’t be a trend if only one person knew about Snapchat, would it?

Mavens are the brains of the operation. They have less to do with quantity and more to do with quality. They decide what messages the connectors spread along. Along the way, Mavens use their expertise to decide what information will be the best accepted. And at times, they will even change the information. I’m sure when Snapchat was being developed, a board of Mavens got together to decide what would be most widely accepted. They decided what the people wanted and the best way to get it to them.

Then of course we have the Salesmen. Inescapable, salesmen are able to sell ideas to their audience. At times they are even able to sway the audiences own opinions and ideas. I’ll be honest, I hate salesmen. I used to be one. They are terrible people, swaying you to believe in things that you do not need. But they do a great job of it. They are the reason people need to go through spring cleanings and throw away things they don’t even know why they bought.

Moving on to the stickiness factor, Gladwell explains  whether or not a trend will stick. If an idea will “stick” around. If the world doesn’t care about an idea, it wont be around long. Similarly if a small group brings an idea that has no real value, it may be big for a short time, but soon it will be gone like leg warmers or water beds.

Finally the power of context is what I deam most important. It basically says that the context (time, place, culture) has everything to do with whether an idea will stick or not. People will not buy flood insurance in a drought. They will not wear parkas in Miami. Strict Christians will not start wearing insanely reavaling clothing because a model wore it. It compromises their belifs. These are what drive people to make their decisions. In the end, although it is close, logic usually outweighs trends. Usually.

Animal Instincts: Part Two!

Yes, now we can get on to the BEST part of being human OR animal… FOOD.

I don’t know about you but my dog, Buster LOVES food. His food, my food, the cat’s food, things that smell like food. We have a great game called “Who Can Pick Up The Food I Dropped On The Floor Before Buster Gets It.” I never win.


Anyhow, I have some friends with great food blogs and I’d love to share them and indirectly with your fluffy friends. *DISCLAIMER: Human food is usually not good for your animals… Please be careful with what they get their paws on. However, bland cooked chicken and bland cooked white rice can be good for a pups upset tummy.* ON TO THE HUMAN FOOD!

I am a great proponent of ‘you are what you eat’. Eating healthy should not be a fad but the way you live. I love a good funnel cake or mozzarella stick every once in a while but on a day-to-day basis, it’s important that you don’t let your busy life get in the way of  your health. Click here to see a great blog with tons of ideas and how-to videos is sure to help keep you motivated and on track. After-all, you wanna be around long enough to watch your animals grow up, don’t you?

A couple of my friends have blogs more focused on eating out and where you can take your family out for a nice night. Ashlyn gives many recommendations that you can check out on her page, Fantastic Food and Flavors. My buddy Shane has a cool blog where each post is themed for different tastes! Whether your in the mood for Mexican, healthy options or even looking for apps to open up you opportunities, Good Eats is a great page to check out. And it’s even better for those of you here with us in Gainesville! Great local recommendations you can trust!

Dig in!

Animal Instincts!

A few weeks ago I told you all about myself but now I want to focus on two of my very FAVORITE things. A two part series about the hobbies I have in common with those adorable animals I’m always telling you about: SPORTS and FOOD!

Part Numero Uno:


Lets be real, the best part of sports is playing them, if you don’t believe me, ask your furry friends if they’d rather watch the Super Bowl or re-inact their own rendition of the game in the back yard.

But the second best part of sports is the entertainment! And a great way to keep updated on all the fun of sports is right here at your finger tips! Tori’s blog is both fun and informing as you can obviously see through her page. Check it out!

As we all know, fitness tends to be a side effect when playing your favorite sports. Just ask Kev. He’s got a blog all about keeping in shape! And the better shape you’re in, the more you can play with your puppies and kitties! http://kevrob2186.wordpress.com/

Or, if you like to mix your pleasures, check out my buddy Brandan’s page. What’s a run/workout without music? Well after reading his page, you’ll never have to know. The perfect mix of tunes and training.

That’s it for today, but check in tomorrow for Animal Insticts: Part Two!


I am currently a senior majoring Telecommunications- News at the University of Florida. I hope to either go to grad school after or jump into my career. Anywhere my job takes me is where I want to go but I hope to one day be a anchor/reporter for CNN. Take a look at my resume.

I have done work for WUFT-FM, WUFT-TV, and GTN News, all stationed in Gainesville while taking classes at UF. I write about adoption because its important to me that the public realizes the importance of spaying and neutering. So many animals don’t have homes, its a shame that animals are bred for profit when others are looking not for money, but for love. Please take one of these loving animals home!

I enjoy animals (obviously), running, reading, eating, and playing sports (as opposed to watching them.